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Applications for the 2017 - 2019 selection proces have now closed. Thank you to all who applied for a UWC studentship! Shortlisted applicants will be notified by the end of December 2016.

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The first Albanian students arrived at UWC in 1991. Now there are over 130 Albanian alumni spread all over the world, while each year three to five new students are selected to attend one of the 15 colleges. Find out more about UWC Albania. More


Latest News

  • Clarification on the eligbility criteria

    Per t'u pergjigjur shume pyetjeve qe na keni drejtuar mbi kriteret kualifikuese per aplikim, UWC Albania do te qartesoje se per te aplikuar per UWC kete vit te gjithe aplikantet duhet te kene nje mesatare 8.5 ne vitin paraardhes te studimeve. Per studentet e klases se 10te kjo llogaritet ne baze te notave te klases se 9te, dhe per studentet e klases se 11te, llogariet ne baze te notave te klases se 10te.

    Duke qene se shume shkolla nuk japin nota gjate semestrit te pare deri pas mbylljes se aplikimeve, UWC Albania kete vit nuk kerkon deftese me notat e semestrit te tanishem.

    Per me shume informacion vizitoni: http://al.uwc.org/how-to-apply/selection-criteria


    In respose to the questions we have received on the eligibility criteria, we would like to clarify that this year all applicants must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 8.5 in the preceding school year. For students in Grade 10, the GPA is calculated based on Grade 9 grades, and for students in Grade 11, the GPA is calculated based on Grade 10 grades.

    Considering that many schools in Albania do not give out grades during the first semester before the application deadline, this year UWC Albania does not require applicants to submit a transcript with current grades.

    For more information, visit: http://al.uwc.org/how-to-apply/selection-criteria

  • What is studying at UWC like?

    What is it like studying at UWC for Albanian students? Watch this interview in Albanian from Vila 24 with Amantia Muhedini (UWC Red Cross Nordic 2009-2011) and Ilari Papa (UWC Maastricht 2014-2016). Listen to Amantia and Ilari describe what they learnt at UWC, what it is like living with roommates from all five continents, and the opportunities they had through their UWC experience. 

    You can watch the video in Albanian now.